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Welcome To California Oriya Community

Upcoming Events

Please join us in celebrating OdiA Community Ratha Jatra at the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple (450 Persian Drive, Sunnyvale, CA http://www.sunnyvale-hindutemple.org/)

Deva Snana Purnima Registration is now open.

Dates for 2019 Ratha Jatra celebrations:

Deva Snana Purnima

June 16, 2019 (Sun) 10am - 1pm


June 16 – July 2, 2019


July 3, 2019 (Wed) - Evening

Rath Yatra

July 6, 2019 (Sat) - Evening

Bahuda Yatra

July 13, 2019 (Sat) 10am - 1pm

Snana Purnima Schedule:

10am – 11:45 am

Mangalaropana, Dhadi Pahandi to Snana Mandapa, Shodasaupachara Puja with main Snana with 108 pitchers of water

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Chera Pahara, Hati Vesha, Bhajan / Kirtan

12:45 pm – 1 pm

Aarati, Pushpajali, Shanti Patha

1 pm

Lunch/ Prasad Sevana


Deities taken to Anabasara

 Snana Purnima is the abirbhabha divasa (loosely translated as birthday) of Lord Jagannath. Devotees bring Lord Sudarshan, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra, and Lord Jagannath in a procession (pahandi) to the Snana Mandapa. They pour 108 pitchers of water containing sugandhi dravya to the chanting of Pavamani-, Samudra Jyestha-, Pursha-, Shri-, Devi-, and Narayana-shuktas along with Mantra-raja staba and Jagannatha Saharsra-nama. The Snana Mandapa will be next to the Navagrahas (same place as last year) inside the temple.  I have attached some pictures from last year’s Snana Purnima.

 Please come to the temple with your friends and family and actively participate in this celebration and get the Lord’s blessings.


Please contact the following if you want to volunteer for any of the events.

  • Bhoga (from home): Jayashree Kar (jay15kar@comcast.net)
  • Rath Construction: Rudra Kar (rudra.n.kar@gmail.com)
  • Cooking Mahaprasad: Kishore Choudhury (Arpan_c@yahoo.com)
  • Puja related: Snigdha Das Sharma (snigdha_ds@yahoo.com)
  • Bhajan: Archana Dash (japaney@gmail.com)
  • Logistics: Sudam Sahoo (sudam_sahoo@yahoo.com), Amlan Debnath (amlan.debnath@gmail.com)

 Jagannath Swami nayana pathagami bhavatu me 

 Jai Jagannath


Details of Deva Snana Purnima:

 Phase 1: 10 am -11:45 am

 - Magalaropana / Punyahabachana/ Sankalpa

 - Dhadi Pahandi to the Snana Mandapa

 - Mangala Arati

 - Ghata Puja + Pancha Devata Puja

 - Pouring of the Sugandhi drabya on the 108 Kalasas + abhimantrana

 - Madana Mohana Bija

 - Shodasha Upachara Puja starts

 - Snana w/ 108 Kalasas by devotees ["Bimba Snana" and “Sinchana Snana” for the main deities and pouring of water on the smaller deities]

Phase 2: 11:45 pm – 12:45 pm

 - Chera pahara

 - Bhajan / Kirtana / Hati Besha (rest of upacharas)

Phase 3: 12:50 – 1

-       Arati, Pushpanjali, Shanti Patha

Lunch at 1 PM

Phase 4: June 16 at 6pm

- Puja

- Goti Pahandi back to temple [remove the besha - Dieties face South - offer gandha, pushpa, dhupa, karpura arati, naibedya - then the pahandi starts]

- 4 deities put in "anabasara" - patta chitra in Ratna Mandapa



Recent Events

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